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Broadcast FM Transmitter


500W FM Transmitter


500W FM Transmitter / Exciter

FAL500 is a solid-state wideband FM exciter providing a continuously variable RF output from 0 to 500 watts at any frequency within the 87.5-108 MHz FM broadcast band in 10 kHz increments.The new FM Broadcast Exciter/Transmitter FAL500 series comes up with different powers, models available 300, 500W, 800W (coming soon) .. Price : Call for Pricing


1000W FM Transmitter

1000W FM Transmitter / Exciter

The FAL1000 is a solid state wide band FM exciter providing 1000 watts rf output, it can be the perfect portable back up for your FM Radio Station. This 1000W/1KW FM Transmitter can be on the air in less than a minute ! Price : Call for Pricing


1.5KW FM Transmitter

1.5KW FM Transmitter 

The new 1.5kW Mono / MPX / Stereo Transmitter FM transmitter FAL1500 series comes up with different powers, models available 1500W, 2000W

Price : Call for Pricing


2kW FM Transmitter

2kW FM Transmitter

The new compact size 87.5-108 MHz 2kW FM Transmitter, high efficiency, solid state FM transmitter of 2000W rated power. With advanced self protection and LCD digital front panel control features.. Price : Call for Pricing


FM Broadband Double-crossed dipole 

Antenna FM

Wide-band dipole antenna FM 87.5 - 108 Mhz dipole


Model: omnidirectional circular dipole
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Bandwidth: 87.5 Mhz -108 Mhz
Polarization: Circular
Gain: 0,3dbd
Max Supported Power: 2500W (5.000W upon request)
Connector: 7 / 16 female to 2500W (EIA7 / 8 to 5 kW demand)
Materials: Stainless steel, beryllium copper, Teflon
Fixing: Stainless steel clamps 


Complete FM Radio Stations Package for Africa FM Station

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